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Ganit Journal Vol-32

Title Author Download
Harmonic Balance Solution of Coupled Nonlinear Non-conservative Differential Equation M. SAIFUR RAHMAN M. MAJEDUR RAHMAN M. SAJEDUR RAHAMAN and M. SHAMSUL ALAM Download
A new Approach to Solve Fuzzy Non-Linear Equations using Fixed Point Iteration Algorithm GOUTAM KUMAR SAHA and SHAPLA SHIRIN Download
On Derivations in Prime Gamma-near-rings KALYAN KUMAR DEY and AKHIL CHANDRA PAUL Download
Numerical Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations using Legendre Polynomials MD. AZIZUR RAHMAN and MD. SHAFIQUL ISLAM Download
Structures of Surfaces with Non-zero Constant Curvature MOHD. ALTAB HOSSAIN Download
A Numerical Simulation of Severe Cyclone SIDR-2007 NIKHIL CHANDRA SARKAR ANOWARUL ISLAM and SUJIT KUMAR DEBSARMA Download
Sine-Function Method in the Soliton Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations M ABDUR RAB and JASMIN AKHTER Download
Natural Convection Flow of an Electrically Conducting Fluid in a Rectangular Cavity having Internal Energy Sources with Linearly Heated Bottom wall M. OBAYEDULLAH and M. M. K. CHOWDHURY Download